Monday, April 05, 2004

Assignment Feedback 

Hi Linda! It has been difficult for me to ascertain what you have/haven't done - particularly with the subscriptions to the e-Zines/e-Newsletters! If you want URLs to show in a blog you need to create a link - doesn't look like you have when I check you posts??
Anyway - for the purposes of this assessment task I'll have to trust that you have registered with each of the ones listed below!
That means you score 10/10 - well done!
Cheers - ABB

Friday, April 02, 2004

Evidence of subscription to e-zines and newsletters 

I have enclosed a confirmation from one of the e-newsletters to show evidence that I did actually subscribe. But as I said earlier in one of my posts, some of the e-zines and newsletters do not send you a confirmation so I can not provide any evidence besides in probably a weeks time when they do send me updates and news.

A daily newsletter i received from e-Learning posts on the Sat 27th March, has topics related to 'the human factor', 'Convergy's but digital think', A case study on knowledge communities in japan' and many more.

The following passage is a confirmation from e-learners that they did receive my subscription.

Dear eLearners User-

You have been confirmed for the free eLearningJournal newsletter!
Issues are sent automatically every week via email.

Thank you again for using our site!

Your partners in e-Learning,

eLearners Support Team

eLearners.com Inc.

Subscription to e-zines and newsletters 

I have subscribed to approximately 9 e-zines and newsletters but only 3 out of the 9 have sent me a newsletter and updates; that is 'e-learning post', 'VNU learning' and 'e-learners'. I think maybe because I subscribed about less than a week ago and they send you the newsletters every week. So it has not reached a week yet so that's probably why I havent received anything from the other e-zines or newsletters.


I am finding it difficult to do the most simplest tasks and I dont know why. My recent posts are not appearing on my blog website. The blogger system seems pretty easy but there are little errors that can prevent you from doing what you want. Arrrggghhh.....it is very frustrating....
This is another reason why I hate using computers because if you cant figure something out you dont have immediate help from a facilitator/teacher. Even though there are help options to guide you through the steps on how to do something, it has'nt helped me because I have tried and it doesnt help. I'm not that familiar with it yet so that's why I guess i am having these problems.

my blog website 

This is my blog website.

E-zines and E-newsletters 

1. Learning and training innovations- (magazine)

2. Education and technology in perspective- (magazine)

3. Linezine- (magazine)

4. TechKnowLogia-International Journals of Technologies for the advancement of Knowledge and Learning

5. e-Learning post- (newsletter)- actually a blog website.

6. The e-Learning Guild- (newsletter)

7. VNU learning (newsletter)

8. Brandon Hall- e-Learn research news and notes (newsletter)

9. e-Learners (newsletter)

Note: Each one of these e-zines and newsletters listed are atattched with a hyperlink to the actual website but is not viewed in this format for some reason.
Thanks for inviting me to your blog Linda! I don't see you e-zines & e-newsletter info but I guess that will arrive separately??
You will also need to advise me of your blog URL - at the moment I can only read it in the edit postings view - rather difficult!
Cheers - ABB

Module 1- assignment submission 

Hi Anne,

If you are reading this obviously you received my invitation to become one of my team members. I also wanted to inform you that my lists of e-zines and newsletters will be posted up on my blog. I will have links that will refer to the e-Learning websites aswell.

Making my blog pretty 

I was trying to change my blog so that it was going to be different to everyone elses but there was so much i could do from the options I have to choose from. But I guess this is partly the challenge of this whole assignment. I really don't like computers only because I'm not a wizzz at it. If I knew how to do what I wanted to do on the computer then my life would be a whole lot easier. By the end of this subject I hope to be able to challenge these difficulties that I've been having.


The one thing I hate about computers is that they NEVER do what you want them to do. I found it frustrating just trying to figure out how to add images to my blog and I searched everywhere on the site and then to my dissapointment, I was not able to add pictures because free users do not have the option to do so unless there is a direct web site for the actual photo alone. That was one difficult, but simple task that I was trying to achieve but I could not do it. I guess if I fiddle around with the features a few more times I will find a way, eventually.....

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