Monday, May 24, 2004

Online course: Questions to remember when blogging 

Why I wanted to do the course?

What I want to gain from the course?

What I have learnt?

Positives and negatives about the course online?

Did I achieve any of my outcomes, why or why not?

Overall learning expereience?

What is my learning style? -refer to excercise we did on finding out our learning style

Online course- typing with a cloth 

One of the exercises I had to do when practising typing was typing with a cloth over the key board and not being able to see the keys. It was challenging but i guess it was no different when I was doing the first few excercises because I was trying to type without looking anyway just to try to touch type. I have set my WPM goal as 30 WPM just for now and once I achieve that I guess I can reset the WPM goal to a higher decibal. Even though my ultimate goal WPM is probably 60 WPM. I remember reading in one of my text books when conducting a reaerch assignment about setting goals and way to set and achieve your goal is to set small realistic goals that are achieveable instead of setting unrealistic ones that may put you down if you cant achieve it. The key is to work up to your desired goal by taking little steps instead of big leap. Just like using the analogy of walking, you walk faster taking little quick steps than taking large leaps.

I also remembered that I will only learn to touch type if i practice consistently, because once I stop i tend to forget what i learnt and alike at the moment I dont think I am typing the way that I was taught and have retracted back to my usual way of typing that is tping with only a using a few fingers.

Question: I wonder if typing enhances dexterity?

Online course 

I downloaded the type quick demo from the internet because, initially when I was going to use the program on the disc it would not enable me to use the program without the program manual because it was part of an instructional guide to pass you through the exercises. So i guess that was one of the problems that inhibited my learning. Because I borrowed the program from my friend she forgot that you actually needed the manual to use the program whilst participating in the activities.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Online course 

It has been about approximately 3 hours in to my course, I have been practising typing paragraphs in the online course and I feel I am getting better but my back and my eyes are getting sore so I think I will end it here for the day. My typing speed has shown to quarell around 22-27 WPM (word per minute). But I dont understand because at the beginnig of the course when I did the first typing exercise I received 27 WPM for my first test and it seems as though my typing speed is lowering. I think that the cause may be because I am getting tired and that means my typing speed is going to suffer. So I guess that may be a reason and also because I am more concious about which finger Iam using to type and trying to use all fingers at the same time. So I am trying to learn to use all fingers at the same time tryingto type as fast as I can.

Online course 

I did a few exercises and didnt realise how many keyboard keys I was not familiar with. I guess because half most of the keys that I use are mostly the lettering and ot really any of the other fancy addtional keys. Also I have also realised that it is so much harder to type especially because I am trying to use the respective finger for each key. While I am typing at this very moment I am not really typing with the right fingers because I guess I am reverting back to my usual habits and it takes time to change like everything else we do, we learn everything through practice and once I guess I practice more on my typing through this course I will be ableto achieve the results. At the moment though I am very confused as to where each finger is suppose to go and which finger is suppose to press which button. I remember somebody saying to me that you have to rest your fingers on the keys board and sort of go up and down the board, but it seems my fingers are crossing over all over the place.

Online course 

Today is my official date of the commencement of my online course, typing course. I took the first exercise and it seemed very easy but when I actually did it, it was really hard because I was not allowed to make any mistakes. When I type I usually just type without really worrying about spelling or grammar errors because I would normally just wait till the end, when I have finished my essay or whatever I am typing up and use the word correction tool, that way I can just work on what I have to do and not worry aout extra things that I can easily fix up later. Just from the little exercise I have realised that it very difficult to type and remember to use correct grammar and spelling. I always thought I was pretty average in typing, but really in reality, my typing skills are terrible. Hopefully by the end of this course I will be ale to increase my typing speed and if I coulkd touch type that would be a bonus for me, because its nothing worse than taking hours to type up an assignment when it cold easily be done in half the amount of time I usually take to type up an assignment.

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